Student Research Projects

  • Brittany Repak (2020) Well-being in daily life and heart rate variability
  • Hope Rutter (2020) #Bopo: The effect of body positive social media content on women’s mood and self-compassion
  • Sarah Kirkpatrick (2020) Positivity culture and depressive symptoms
  • Cindy Campoverde and Thao Hoang (2019) Disordered eating and the effects of body-related Instagram posts on self-compassion and mood in young women
  • Stella Nicolaou (2019) Tailoring social support strategies to individuals with borderline personality features 
  • Mary Nicole Buckley (2019) Internal and external gay life stressors, perceived burdensomeness, and thwarted belongingness in the LGBQ community
  • Wynter Tremlett (2019) Disordered eating, social media, and self-compassion in college women
  • Jackson Guyton (2018) Tourette Syndrome and working memory 
  • Cindy Campoverde and Stella Nicolaou (2018) What you don’t know about motivational laptop stickers
  • Jill Glazer (2018)  The use of a state self-compassion manipulation to increase treatment-seeking for mental disorders
  • Ha Nguyen (2018) Variation in altruistic behaviors across culture 
  • Tess Anderson (2017) Effortless perfection: Age, gender, and socioeconomic status differences
  • Meagan Lupolt (2016) Unmasking ‘Penn Face’
  • Olga Nynaes (2015) Interpersonal attributions in borderline and avoidant personality disorders
  • Rachel Clasing (2015) Age differences in the desirability of narcissism
  • Wesley Gregory (2015) Does self-compassion increase pain perception?
  • Christina Soma (2014) Mindfulness and grief-related ruminating thought
  • Derik Yager-Elorriaga (2012) Hope, ethnic pride, and academic achievement in Latino youth