Rejection Sensitivity Questionnaire, Adult version (A-RSQ)

The ARSQ is available to the public, and researchers are welcome to use, adapt, and/or translate it, however they wish. Please do not email me to ask me to give you permission to use, adapt, and/or translate this measure, because you already have my permission (and can download a letter saying so, below). Do be sure to read the scoring instructions and relevant literature. 

Rejection sensitivity (RS) is a cognitive-affective processing disposition to anxiously expect rejection, shaped by cognitive-social learning history and triggered in situations when either rejection or acceptance is possible. The RS-Adult questionnaire (A-RSQ; Berenson et al., 2009) is an adaptation of the RSQ (Downey & Feldman, 1996) for assessing RS in adult research participants.

For information on the development of the measure and psychometric properties including convergent and discriminant validity, see Study 2 of the following paper:

Berenson, K. R., Gyurak A., Ayduk, O., Downey G., Garner, M. J., Mogg, K. Bradley, B. P., & Pine, D. S. (2009). Rejection sensitivity and disruption of attention by social threat cues. Journal of Research in Personality, 43, 1064-1072.

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