A new community-based research/internship opportunity in the Gettysburg Psychology Department

Are you a Gettysburg College psychology major interested in developing, implementing, and empirically examining ways for students to support one another in our department? Starting Fall 2021 several psychology majors will be hired to take the lead in fostering mutually-beneficial peer-mentoring relationships with other students, in the Psychology Peer And Learning Support (P.A.L.S.) project.


  • Helping to develop and implement student-led peer support programming
  • Learning and practicing interpersonally and culturally competent skills for providing holistic support to diverse students individually and in small groups
  • Facilitating discussions on both academic and non-academic topics of importance in the lives of psychology students
  • Providing a welcoming and inclusive environment with respect for differences, autonomy, and privacy
  • Meeting at least weekly with other interns and Prof. Berenson;
  • Collaborating as needed with Gettysburg faculty, staff, and alums
  • Regularly completing an internship journal to reflect on the work being done
  • Finding/reading research literature relevant to the project, developing and administering surveys to collect feedback on the project
  • Other assigned research tasks — such as collecting, coding, analyzing, interpreting and writing about research data – depending on the interest and experience level of the intern


  • Psychology major who has taken at least 3 Psychology courses at Gettysburg College
  • Interested in supporting the wellbeing of all psychology students
  • Able to prioritize showing up and trying to be as genuinely present as possible
  • Willing to self-reflect about and acknowledge the impact of one’s behavior on others


  • Meetings of the Psych P.A.L.S. project will be announced soon on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
  • A project website and social media updates are coming soon too.