About the Personality Lab

Located on the third floor of McCreary Hall, this lab offers a range of research opportunities for Gettysburg College students interested in personality and clinical psychology. Topics include:

  • Personality characteristics associated with mental health problems (e.g., rejection sensitivity, dichotomous thinking, effortlessly perfect self-presentation)
  • Compassion for ourselves and others
  • Stigma, identity concerns, and relationship strain faced by people living with mental illness

Students participate in all aspects of conducting research, and have opportunities to contribute as co-authors on conference presentations and publications.


Contact me (Prof. Kathy Berenson, the lab director) to learn more about working as a research assistant or conducting an independent study for course credit.

  • While classes are in session, students work in the Personality Lab 3-5 hours per week as a quarter-credit research internship or for pay. If this opportunity interests you, let’s talk about it and make plans so you’ll be ready to start at the beginning of a future semester.
  • Over the summer, students work in the Personality Lab on fellowships awarded through the X-SIG summer fellowship program or the Shand summer fellowship program.  If summer research interests you, let’s talk about it and make plans so you’ll be ready to apply when applications are due (in Feb-March and April, respectively).
  • Students also have opportunities to conduct independent research in the Personality Lab for course credit (Psych 460, 461, 462, 463, 464, 466).  See this list for examples of the independent research projects students have completed.