Rejection Sensitivity Questionnaire, Adult version (A-RSQ)

Rejection sensitivity (RS) is a cognitive-affective processing disposition to anxiously expect rejection, shaped by cognitive-social learning history and triggered in situations when either rejection or acceptance is possible. The RS-Adult questionnaire (A-RSQ; Berenson et al., 2009) is an adaptation of the RSQ (Downey & Feldman, 1996) for assessing RS in adult research participants.

The measure is available to the public, and researchers are welcome to use, adapt, and/or translate it. Please be sure to read the scoring instructions and relevant literature.

For information on the development of the measure and psychometric properties including convergent and discriminant validity, see Study 2 of the following paper:

Berenson, K. R., Gyurak A., Ayduk, O., Downey G., Garner, M. J., Mogg, K. Bradley, B. P., & Pine, D. S. (2009). Rejection sensitivity and disruption of attention by social threat cues. Journal of Research in Personality, 43, 1064-1072.


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